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WEIRDING WILLOWS - the first chapter - 4 by DeevElliott WEIRDING WILLOWS - the first chapter - 4 by DeevElliott
Moreau's house is on the edge of Willow Weir. The Weir itself is in the center of a marsh between the Wild Woods and Pan Island, no one lives near there. No humans anyway. The house is on the other side of the canal from the Weir and the woods. The canal marks a line none of the animals from the Weir cross and not just because Dr Moreau lives here.

in writing this I didn't want to keep some of the old names for certain characters or at least wanted to expand and elaborate on them. Simple things like giving Doctor Moreau a first name and Alice a last name. Same applies to the rabbits. I didn't want to keep the rabbits as simply the White Rabbit, Peter rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. So now they're Hoetoe (the White Rabbit named after my daughters rabbit), Peter Pip and Benjamin Buckle. It made no sense to leave things as they were because I'll be slowly introducing more characters to the community.

For Montgomery Doolittle, I took the name of Doolittle for Moreau's assistant because it made sense that he would need someone who would have no problems trapping animals for the doctor. Who better than a man with a family history of talking to the animals?

Art by Barnaby Bagenda and Sakti Yuwono.

Created and Dave Elliott
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