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December 1, 2012
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WEIRDING WILLOWS - Russell's Son by DeevElliott WEIRDING WILLOWS - Russell's Son by DeevElliott
So hopefully you've seen the previous WEIRDING WILLOWS stories and if not I would recommend you read those first. Not because there is a continuity to the story but it will help set the feel for the world a little more.

The first story I posted is here and is in two parts. : [link]

The second story is here and is also in two parts: [link]

This story is just a short 4 page story and is just this one part.

This story features the Weasel RUSSELL and his family the Boigers.

Russell has always been a weasel that looks for the shortest point possible to making money. If you have ever seen the TV series "Only Fools and Horses" he'd be Del-Boy. Living like that is one thing when you're young and single, it's another when you have a wife and two kits to support.

Over the years his family has been affected by the mistrust most of the villagers of Willow Weir have to him. Now his son is old enough to leave home he wants to go out into the world and explore it. His father has many human books that he trades or sells with (mostly to Victor Stoker) so he son has looked through many of these and wants to see the world.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Willow Weir, the Wild Woods, Osier Bed and Pan Island, if you leave the area, you never come back. Very few know why and they're not telling.

What Russell does know is that the badger, the mole, the rat, the toad, the rabbits and the dinosaur have all left and come back again. The only common thing between them all is that when they leave they carry something with them. Russell took one of these objects from Victor's house...

Let's see if it works...

Story: Dave Elliott
Art: Barnaby Bagenda and Jessica Kholinne of Stellar Labs

WEIRDING WILLOWS 2012 Dave Elliott
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zehe00 Dec 1, 2012   General Artist
Out of the rabbit hole. I see..
LJ-Phillips Dec 1, 2012  Professional
I actually got a lump in my throat reading this. I guess there's no continuation of this story with a happy ending in the works, is there?
Only people have endings, stories don't.

LJ-Phillips Dec 1, 2012  Professional
Very true! I showed this page to my husband (we're both artists but in his case, a professional animator) and like me, he was simply blown away at the depth of emotion and excellent storytelling :) Very excited about A1 annual by the way - is the best way to get the annuals in South Africa to order it on line or have my local bookstore order it for me?
For A1 both the monthly comic and the annuals will be available in all English language territories. Our publisher, Titan Books, usually get pretty good distribution there. They'll also be available digitally via Comixology.

Thanks for the kind words!


- Dave
LJ-Phillips Dec 2, 2012  Professional
Fantastic. I think I'll go through Comixology. Thanks :)
Dave-Wilkins Dec 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Big-Boy!

Made my day!!!
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