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November 26, 2012
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WEIRDING WILLOWS - 'Origins of EVIL' part2 by DeevElliott WEIRDING WILLOWS - 'Origins of EVIL' part2 by DeevElliott
This is the second part of the story. Read the first part here: [link]

So, we haven't mentioned a certain cat yet...

CHESHIRE is a cat of a different stripe altogether. At first he seems a pure contrarian, delighting in taking the opposite stance of whomever he is talking to just for the sheer joy of annoying people. Alice wasn't very quick to learn this and fell for it every time. By this story she's got a better grasp on Cheshire but is still no closer to knowing what his real motives are.

He tells stories that has other meanings or sometimes are the truth is disguise, but no matter what he says it does no more than cover his real motives... Motives that only he knows and he's not telling.

In this tale he tells a story about a Sprite that cause the origin of evil in man. Is this purely a story or is there truth in the tale? There's always a little truth in Cheshire's stories, you just never know what parts.

Russell Boiger is a weasel. He's a dodgy dealer of goods and information. Unfortunately many of his dealings have gone sour and his only regular client is Victor Stoker, a badger that hates weasels.

And then there's TOAD... Dudley Cook is a toad with a taste for adventure. He also wants to share the adventure although with his accident record he sometimes has to pay for the company... And there's always a weasel ready to take his money.

Story: Dave Elliott
Art: Barnaby Bagenda and Jessica Kholinne of Stellar Labs

WEIRDING WILLOWS 2012 Dave Elliott
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jimalgar Apr 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Loving this! Beautiful work.
Thank you. Weirding Willows will be appearing monthly in "A1" the anthology I am putting together for Titan Comics starting this June.
you're a bad ass
AWESOME!!! Always wanted to be one of those!!

Quite enjoyed reading this in Heavy Metal. Cheshire is awesome and I really enjoyed is story. The world seems interesting and I would love to know where I could read more
There will be another short story in Heavy Metal issue 260 on sale late December. After that Weirding Willows will be a regular monthly strip in "A1" that launches in June from Titan Books.
Sweet thanks for the info =)
Megadarren Nov 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
Quality, I like the style and characters :o)
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