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Personal Nirvana by MARX77
by MARX77

Yeah, it's pretty fucking awesome and like brilliant and shit. Wait, I have to write 90 more words? But I've already described it. What...

Kirby and Williams Black Bolt by INKIST

Really nice piece Scott. Instead of what a lot of modern artists tend to do with Kirby and add lots of line and texture that wasn't the...


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Dave Elliott
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Weirding Willows Funeral Pyre by DeevElliott
Weirding Willows Funeral Pyre
Every culture has their way of dealing with the dead. Many are based on religious requirements some are not.

In Pellucidar the creatures there believe we are all of the same stuff. That when we die we return what we have borrowed so that it may be used again by some thing else.

Rozalind was a mother to be. She had laid her first eggs and died protecting them. Her unborn children would be present at her funeral with their new guardians from the town of Willow Weir, a town in a place several worlds away.

Rozalind herself was the runt of a pack, an outcast who was raised by a creature from another world. This creature was an odd thing, he smelled of death and he had the scent of many, yet he showed her kindness and became her father.

It is only fitting that Damon, Doctor Frankenstein's creation, give the eulogy this day.

Art by Sami-B and ifan80

The Weirding Willows ©2010-2015 Dave Elliott
Procrastination Poem by DeevElliott
Procrastination Poem
Sunday mornings you can find me at the Farmers Market in Hollywood, down near the Arclight theater and Amoeba Records. I'm fond of my fresh produce and fresh Greek food, plus the long walk there and back is great.

Most Sundays Jacqueline is there writing poems for people on any subject. Two weeks ago I asked her to write me one on "Procrastination", something I've been having problems with recently. You might call it writers block but procrastination is what it feels like to me as the ideas are there in my head but I'm having trouble motivating myself to type it out.

This is her poem;


That tug and tangle
pulls us into pause.
That distraction that
takes away our focus
and has us fester
in nothingness. How
can we turn away, make
action take the lead
and so slip freely into
motion? Aim well and rest
often, find a rhythm and
let it be, & look deeply
into the reasons behind
this waiting game.

-jacqueline suskin
march 2015

I've taken the first step in acknowledging it is a problem, not I must take action!

But then, this very entry might be me procrastinating doing the writing I should be doing instead...


Procrastination ©2015 Jacquelin Suskin
Weirding Willows The Mad Hatter's Tea Party by DeevElliott
Weirding Willows The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Poor Alice.

The wonderful pastime that is afternoon tea has been forever spoilt for her thanks to her previous trips to Wonderland. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have spoiled anyone else's fun.

Cheshire the cat seems happy enough, but beware of the day when you see him and he's not smiling.

Line art by Sami-B and color art by jessicakholinne of Stellar Labs

The Weirding Willows ©2010-2015 Dave Elliott
The back of Badger's House - The Weirding Willows by DeevElliott
The back of Badger's House - The Weirding Willows
The back of the badger's house backs onto a small stream. The back door is lower than the front door with a small jetty for boats to dock, even though Victor hates water and boating.

Pencils by Takrezz inks by me and colors by ifan80

The Weirding Willows ©2010-2015 Dave Elliott

Journal History

Everyone has their little routines for arranging and breaking up their days. The most interesting ones are those that give you a break from deadlines, when things are coming at you ten times every hour and you need to recalibrate a little just to breathe. There must be a moment to reorganize and process information.

Bunny Laundry Tea Time by raccoonnookTea time with Iedra. by StressedJennyLow tide high tea by wovenlines

For some, that’s Tea Time.

Tea Time by TappyToeClawsHot Hot Tea by farcry77

“Tea Time” has been part of my routine since I was a child. As soon as I came home from school, my mother would stop what she was doing and she would make me a cup of tea. This was usually consumed with several biscuits (cookies) while I debriefed my mom on my day. Afterwards I would watch a little TV before starting my homework.

Tea Time With Venom by LuigiLTea Time - Sherlock by Moriartea-time

Going to college didn’t change the routine that much, as tea and ideas were shared with fellow students, usually around 4pm, the same time I used to have tea with my mom.

As I type this it is just after 4 and a cup of tea sits by my side. The making of a cup of tea entails a certain ritual, reinforced with science, and cannot be hurried. The most important factor is the first, the proper ritual, and is why you cannot get a decent cup of tea from a diner in America.

Tea time in the swamp by PendaluneTea time with otto by BrianKesinger

Step 1: The water MUST be BOILING. Maybe ‘hot water’ is good enough for coffee but for tea to brew correctly, the water must be boiling. The water bubbles when I drop my tea bag in it. Yes, I use tea bags. I do prefer to use a teapot but I rarely get around to having a second cup so why waste water or tea.
Tea Time by NaolitoTea time by MarinaVeselinovic

Step 2: The cup MUST be preheated before adding the tea and water. I usually use a cup full of boiling water out of the kettle and leave the heat on low underneath the kettle while the cup gets good and hot.

Time for tea by PambaTea Time by TemaTime

Step 3: Pour the boiling water directly over the teabag and let steep for at least two full minutes. This part will require some experimentation until you find the strength that is right for you.

Tea Time III by Nacreous-OrganicTea Time by AureliusCatThe Ageless Wonder of Tea by TeaPhotography

Step 4: Add Milk and/or Sugar as desired. Many black, herbal and leaf teas are refreshing without adding either. It is also important to not add milk until the tea is at your desired strength. The milk will immediately lower the temperature of the water and prevent the tea from brewing efficiently. Leaving the teabag in too long can result in the tea stewing. This can make the tea taste bitter.

Tea Time by carefulwhatyawishforTea time says the King by super-tulerA Little Tea Time by conniiption

Step 5: Wash your cup or mug out as soon as possible after drinking to prevent the tannin in the tea from staining your cups.

A Wizard of Tea by ursulavTea Time by pinkparis1233tea time by humphreycat

Mad Hatter: Time for Tea by WiseKumagoroTea by Toru-meowTea Time by daekazu

CHARLOTTE TEA TIME by swdd-catTea Time in Russia by Ronnie-LongTEA TIME: with Marceline and Bubblegum Princess by meloncrisis

Tea Time with Cheshire Cat by imaginismTea Time by FancyPancakesTea Time by paikan07

Hopefully by this time you can go back to what you were doing refreshed and reinvigorated with all your worldly problems solved.

Tea Time by KjinorTea Time by pungangAmazon Tea-time by croakyTea Time by bpresing


1/ What routines or rituals do you have during the day that help you stay organized and sane?

2/ Do the processes and routines you employ to produce your art transfer over in any practical way to other parts of your life?


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